March, 2016

  • HB1337 Isn’t About Abortion: An Open Letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence

    Even if you are a person who is adamantly anti abortion, read this. Then get mad. And then speak up. Women like me and families like mine need you to get mad then speak up. Because this is too far.

    On March 15th, while most of us were watching primary results to see who our next president might be, Indiana passed HB1337, the single most restrictive abortion access law in the United States. Governor Mike Pence is expected to sign it. Here is a link to the law so that you may read and interpret it yourself. HB 1337, State of Indiana


    Dear Governor Pence,

    I’m not going to talk to you about the morality of abortion. ¬†I do not judge you nor do I hope to change your mind from one side to the other. Instead, I am asking you and your fellow leaders, no matter your stance, nor opinion, nor religious conviction, nor political affiliation to please, PLEASE stand up for me and women like me.

    You see, this law, if it was enacted in California prior to November 14th 2008, would have potentially been a death sentence for me. At best, I would have survived and been at risk of being a felon. Let me explain.

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