ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Mommy Blogger Edition

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came to the WTFellerses today. First, WTFather was challenged by our friend Simona.  Then I was challenged by our favorite tween, Emmie.

This has been going on for a few weeks.  But just in case you’ve missed out on the hilarity, here’s how it works: Once challenged, you have 24 hours to either make a donation to the ALS Foundation or make a video of yourself dumping a big bucket of ice water over your head.

Justin Timberlake, The Roots & The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Mark Zuckerberg and hoards have others have already done this… I mean Bill Gates and Murther Furkin OPRAH did it. So I really couldn’t refuse.

I hereby challenge Pregnant Chicken‘s Amy Morrison, A Mothership Down‘s Liz Faria, Mommy Shorts‘ Ilana Wiles, and WTFamily friends: Morgan, Jim, and Jenna!

But wait!  There’s more!  Jump for the video, some funnies, and a Give Away!

I challenge all of YOU to take your own videos and/or donate to the ALS Foundation.

Complete your Ice Bucket Challenge, post it so your social media service of choice and/or make a donation to the ALS Foundation.  Then message your videos to the WTFellers Facebook Page, post the link to your video’s Youtube or Instagram post in the comments section below, or email them to  I’ll share my favorites.  The one that makes all of us laugh the hardest or moves us the most will win a Starbucks Gift Card so the winner can get him or herself a little something to warm back up.*

Here are some of my favorite celeb videos to get you inspired:

ALS Foundation Ice Bucket Challenge

Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, The Roots, & Jimmy Fallon  (go to 2:00 for the fun part.)

Bill Gates Geeks Out

Oprah in what is sure to be the video which spawns a thousand new memes to rival BEEEEEEEESSSSSS!




The Kennedy family, punctuated by an 86 year-old Ethel Kennedy looking amazing in ALL WHITE and calling out PRESIDENT OBAMA. (I’m going on a limb here and calling it for her challenge, not Justin Bieber’s in the even that our Commander in Chief actually does this. Because really? Biebs? You nominated the Commander and Chief of a country whose residents have petitioned to deport you?)

Shirtless Eye Candy Part One: Stephen Amell (How do I go about getting jobs like Willow’s and Sarah’s?)


Shirtless Eye Candy Part Two: Jesse Metcalfe (Who is finally old enough that I don’t feel like a total creeper posting this link.)


Shirtless Eye Candy Part Three: NY Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey who took things up a few levels by dunking himself into an entire ice BATH. (Which, I give full credit for.  Great effort and thanks for your support, Mr. Harvey.  Maybe we can get together and try to thin of a viral campaign to make the Mets suck less, m’kay? #GOCUBSGO!)

RDJ (Also shirtless) Extra points for a super-cute pregnant Susan Downey cameo at the end. I mean, what pregnant woman hasn’t wanted to dump a bucket of ice water over their partner’s head?

Patrick Kane (Who SHOULD be shirtless.)  Where are Sharp and Toews?  Can I go ahead and put my request in for that one to be shirtless? Using the Stanley Cup? On the UC Ice? With The Fratellis playing Chelsea Dagger live in the background?


There are a few more awesome ones out there that I can’t wait to share with you.  But I’m experiencing technical difficulties and tech support (aka WTFather) is busy with the WTLittles at the park.  So I’ll get those up as soon as I can -OR- when Facebook and my site host decide to start sharing their toys and playing nice with each other.

*Lots and lots of legal stuff here.  See WTFellers Facebook Page for all terms and conditions.  The Reader’s Digest Version: Must be a resident of the US or Canada.  No cash value.  The video must be yours.  You must be 18 or older to enter.  WTFellers reserves to right to exclude any video.  WTFellers is not affiliated, endorsed, or associated with Starbucks, ALSFoundadtion or Facebook.  Employees or family members of WTFellers are not eligible.


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