Friday Funnies: 5 Things Making Me Laugh This Week

Here are the top 5 things making me laugh or smile extra hard this week:

1) The Professor asking our mailman (Our poor mailman…) if he had a big penis and Popsicles like The Professor, or a little penis and Popsicles like WTWhammy.  (Also, the fact that The Professor calls testicles “Popsicles” is never, ever going to get old.)

2) The Man Who is Not My Mother.  (<—- Link) The littles’ Aunt Julie turned me on to this Tumblr written by a colleague of hers.  I go check it out whenever I need confirmation that my littles aren’t the only littles plotting against their parents.

Sample Post: “My control and powers expand daily, even as my tactics begin to take their toll. Each day I grab those infernal rings the man taunts me with, hanging from my many-colored edifice, with more precision. My vocal prowess can kill a bird in the air at 30 paces. My renewed campaign of sleep interruption and deprivation bleeds the man who is not my mother of his vital essence. A pity my mother suffers also; every plan has collateral damage. I wax as they wane. I bide my time. They grow weak as I grow strong.”


3) The video for Meghan Trainor’s song “All About the Bass” (see below) It’s been played in this house at least 5,856,212 times because WTWhammy LOVES it and busts out diaper-booty shaking moves that rival any youtube star.  I can’t get enough.

4) Speaking of booty-shaking to the “All About the Bass” video, THIS GUY. (<—– Link)  I’m probably the last to hear of him, but just in case there are others out there as socially isolated and cut off from pop culture who haven’t seen his Vine feed. OMG. It might be better than laughing babies on YouTube.

5) This Newborn Photoshoot.  This viral photograph reminded of the first time I ever witnessed a baby poop. One of my besties was changing her newborn on the corner of a bed and that tiny baby of just a few weeks unleashed something unholy. I was laughing so hard at my girl gagging and repeating “OMG IT’S IN MY MOUTH!!! IT’S IN. MY. MOOOUUUUTTTTTHHHH!!!” that I totally missed that the only remaining poop-free spot on the comforter was an honest to God outline of my friend’s upper body. Which is why it was a loooooong time before I ever got that close to a baby’s booty again. Love you, Nikki.

I’m especially entertained by the satisfied smirk on the baby.  Ha!


Original credit to Kirsty Grant Photographer but I can’t find a link to her original photos.

Make me laugh, Association!  What are you laughing at right now?



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Published on: September 5, 2014

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