I Just Wuck Up a Lot

I just had a heart to heart with the daughter of a good friend. She’s about to go off to college, so I was telling her things that, if they came from her mom, she would ignore (yay for knowing everything at 18!) Things like don’t drink the punch, don’t do crack, don’t register for Friday labs…   how college is basically like summer camp with alcohol… the important stuff… anywho.

So she thanks me and gives me a hug, and was all “You are so wise.” And I was all feeling proud and good-mom and stuff. And then she said: “Are you wise because you’re old? Or are you wise because you wuck up a lot? Because I really don’t think of you as old like, you know, my mom. You’re a cool mom.  (her mom is a year younger than me, ha!) **long pause** “I feel like people who wuck up a lot are wiser. And that’s ironic.” The future of our world, people. I couldn’t be more proud if I’d baked her myself.

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Published on: July 18, 2014

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