Welcome, Fellow Members of the Association of Accidental Assclownery

A lot of people have told me I need to start a blog. Like, A LOT. This has been going on since Dooce was still slinging paper for the man. It’s incredibly flattering. I mean, who wouldn’t be flattered by being told that their ideas are interesting, their wisdom appreciated, their wit unparalleled… their modesty inspiring… (Shout out to WTGrandma for that. She’s my biggest fan.)

So in my head, I started this awesome blog. I update it several times a week. We’re so popular that I have Bravo! asking if we will do a reality show. People stop WTFather on the street to take his photo and tell him how awesome his family is, especially his wife.

My real friends who have real blogs like Ilana over at Mommy Shorts and Karen at Baby Sideburns, etc. etc. will contact me and be all, “Hey, Ang! Will you guest blog for me?” And I’ll be all “Yeah! Totally!” And then we’ll laugh and dance and Dyson will give send me a shiny new pink DC59 Motorhead… just for being awesome.

It even had a name! WTFellers. Alas I never actually started this blog… until now.


So, welcome to WTFellers. It’s my domain. I’m WTMother, naturally. Other characters include my littles: Birdy, The Professor, and WTWhammy, and my lottle, WTFather. You might also hear about others who will have equally adorable and descriptive nicknames.

I’m a member of a group of moms who are super supportive and awesome and stuff.  It’s my safe place, so I’m not going to link to it (you’d sooner get the phone number to my adorable, slightly socially awkward, no boyfriend and she drives baby sitter… ) but I really want to thank them for the HUGE push to get this site rolling.  Ladies, I hope I don’t disappoint.

It was one of them who suggested I call my minions supporters The Association of Accidental Assclowns. I like it.  A lot. It’s basically a nod to how we all sometimes say things that are offensive or insensitive without meaning to.  So in that spirit, I’ll just go ahead and apologize to anyone I accidentally offend.  It’s probably going to happen a lot, as I am a terrible judge of what is and what is not offensive.  I suppose that is part of my charm.

Thank you for visiting.  Next time bring friends.  Because kids are expensive and so is wine.  WTFather set up some advertising links that he basically sold to the highest bidder.  So if you want to stop seeing ads for baby registries and penis enlargement, help me get my traffic numbers up. 😉

May you always be guided by the bacon of reason (another inside joke,)

aka WTMother


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Published on: July 18, 2014

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